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Centers For Disease Control To Look At Morgellons

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta announced Wednesday plans to look into a condition known as Morgellons Disease.

Symptoms include the sensation of bugs crawling under the skin, lesions and strange red, blue or black fibers coming from those lesions.

"We believe that the suffering many people associate with this condition is best addressed by a careful, objective scientific analysis," said Dr. Michele Pearson, CDC.

North Texan Cindy Casey has been suffering from the bizarre condition for years.

Casey and many other Morgellons patients have been dismissed by the medical community and, in some cases, told they were delusional.

While Casey is hopeful the CDC will be open minded in their investigation, she's still concerned.

"We've basically gotten such lip service from the CDC for so long that I would not know if they were being sincere," she said.

The CDC al

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