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Miserable Failure, Commander-in-Thief Barack Obama, Wastes More Taxpayer Money

Ever seen an NEV?

A NEV is a "Neighborhood Electric Vehicle".

We used to call them "golf carts".

$300 million of Porkulus will go towards purchasing a fleet of "neighborhood electric vehicles", or NEVs, along with more than $500 million for more traditional electric cars.

The $838 billion economic stimulus bill that passed the Senate contains $300 million for the government to purchase a fleet of "green" cars.

The NEVs, which resemble streamlined golf carts, scoot at up to 25 mph, operate on battery power and can be plugged into 110-volt outlets for charging.

Because they run on batteries, they are useless in cold environments or during the winter. (unless you live in Hawaii).

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Added: May-6-2009 
By: MarkusMarone
Tags: Obama, Miserable Failure, Porkulus, Joke to the Presidency
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