NZ Helicopter venison recovery. Graphic.

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Helicopter hunting of has occurred in the area of since the 1960s. As long ago as the 1920s, introduced deer plagued the to the detriment of the native New Zealand and The New Zealand government placed a on the deer, paying local hunters for each animal removed from the park. With the market for and deerskin, by the 1960s this had proved a lucrative enough business for several hunters to invest in, to travel fast through the rugged landscape.
Deer populations plummeted as a result, and competition among hunters
grew more fierce. Accusations of sabotage and the flouting of rules
became common in this unregulated industry. Combined with a growing
farm-raised deer industry, and the impact of New Zealand government's
efforts to poison the wild deer population with, the helicopter hunting market declined steeply. However, its legacy lives on, as former hunting helicopters these days carry tourists and hunters into the New Zealand wilderness.