This is awesome footage from the 332D AIR EXPEDITIONARY WING. I'm not sure which unit but here is a little something about Balad Airbase.

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The 332d Air Expeditionary Wing (AEW) is the most forward-deployed combat wing in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Its heritage is tied to the famous 332d Fighter Group (332 FG) led by the Tuskegee Airmen in World War II.

With a rally cry of "The Legend Continues," the 332d AEW employs the spectrum of airpower capability throughout the Iraqi theater of operations in support of ground forces and Iraqi capacity-building, including: strike, airlift/airdrop, combat search and rescue, aeromedical evacuation, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Overall, the wing operates F-16, C-130, MQ-1B, and MC-12 aircraft, as well as HH-60 helicopters. In terms of aircraft movements, the 332 AEW operates the busiest single-runway operation in the DoD.

The 332d AEW is based jointly with the U.S. Army's 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), which is responsible for operation of the largest Army logistics center in Iraq.

The 332d AEW is headquartered at Joint Base Balad (JBB), Iraq -- approximately 42 miles north of Baghdad in the southeastern corner of the Sunni Triangle, which was considered Saddam Hussein's power base. Under Hussein, JBB was home to the Iraqi Air Force Academy and was also the site of a training facility for many of Iraq's premier athletes.

The 332 AEW is the only Air Force wing in Iraq and consists of nine distinct groups, six of which are located at JBB:

The 332d Expeditionary Operations Group is responsible for the total-force expeditionary flying operations of eight squadrons at 332d AEW, JBB, Iraq. The group oversees combat operations providing close-air support, air sovereignty, airbase defense, combat search and rescue, medical evacuation, tactical air control, unmanned systems launch and recovery, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities in support of combined forces air component commander taskings and ground-force operations. The 332d EOG executes senior airfield-authority duties for joint missions at the busiest single-airfield operation in the Department of Defense by providing airfield management, air traffic control, intelligence, weather, and aeromedical evacuation services.

The 332d Expeditionary Maintenance Group provides combat-ready aircraft and munitions to the air component commander in support of Coalition forces throughout Iraq. The group is comprised of two squadrons responsible for on- and off-aircraft maintenance and sortie generation in support of F-16 Fighting Falcons, C-130 Hercules, HH-60 Pave Hawks, MQ-1B Predators, and the MC-12 Liberty, as well as launch, recovery and servicing support for military and commercial transient aircraft. The group also has administrative control over an Air Mobility Command detachment, which is responsible for direct maintenance support of transitioning Air Force airlift assets.

The 332d Expeditionary Mission Support Group enables, sustains and protects combat capability for US Air Forces Central, 332d AEW, JBB, and detachments. The 332d EMSG provides expeditionary communications, services, civil engineering, personnel accountability, and logistics-readiness operations in support of DoD's busiest single-runway operation. In addition, the 332d EMSG provides base-life support to the approximately 25,000 servicemembers and civilians on JBB.

The 332d Expeditionary Medical Group comprises more than 350 professional and support staff from all four armed services working alongside civilians and contractors to provide state-of-the-art medical care. The medical group is the only Level III trauma and air-evacuation hospital in Iraq and provides a full spectrum of medical services for Coalition and U.S. forces throughout the Iraqi theater of operations.

The 332d Expeditionary Security Forces Group was activated on July 24, 2008, at JBB, Iraq. Its activation marked the first time the Air Force deployed more than 900 people within a single unit to defend an air base in combat since the Vietnam Conflict.

The 732d Air Expeditionary Group administratively and operationally controls approximately 1,500 Joint Expeditionary Tasking (JET) Airmen who are tactically assigned to US Army, Marine, joint and special- operations units at more than 60 locations throughout Iraq. Overall, 732 AEG Airmen represent over 100 Air Force specialties.

Geographically-separated Air Expeditionary Groups (AEGs): In addition to the six groups at JBB, 332d AEW also oversees the 407 AEG, 447 AEG, and 506 AEG.

The 407th Air Expeditionary Group was activated April 17, 2003, at Ali Base, Iraq, and is the US Air Force's only major airfield in southern Iraq. It is collocated with various US Army brigades and other Coalition forces. The 407 AEG was the first Air Force unit to stand up combat operations in Iraq for Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

The 447th Air Expeditionary Group is located at Sather Air Base on the west side of Baghdad International Airport, and was established in April 2003. Sather AB is a component of the Victory Base Complex, a series of U.S. Army camps and Iraqi special forces and police training areas, all surrounding BIAP.

The 506th Air Expeditionary Group is located at Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Iraq. The 506 AEG secures the base, conducts safe flight operations and supports the nation builders in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and other US Air Forces Central and US Central Command contingency plans.
Of the more than 8,000 Airmen currently assigned to the 332d AEW, approximately 2,500 are attached to the three AEGs.

(Current as of June 2009)