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MUSLIMS flocked to a McDonalds restaurant in London yesterday for their first taste of halal chicken nuggets.

The fast food giant is putting several halal products on trial for a month at its Southall branch to see if it is feasible to introduce them in Britain.

Meat only qualifies as halal, an Arabic term meaning permissible, if the animal is blessed in the name of Allah then slaughtered facing Mecca. A company spokesman said: “The product cannot have come into contact with non-halal products so there are logistical issues. We hope to see if it is possible for us to do.”

McDonalds says British Muslims have been pleading with them to introduce halal meals here for years.

Sales doubled when two McDonalds restaurants in Melbourne, Australia, began serving halal fast-food meals last December, despite initial protests by non-Muslims.

When halal chicken went on sale in Detroit


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By: Ediman
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