George Soros in Running to Head National Bank of Ukraine.

Numerous sources connected with the Verkhovna Rada and Petro Poroshenko told Ukrainian Edition 112 that for the post of the head of the National Bank of Ukraine five candidates have been selected, among them subversive billionaire George Soros.

In addition to Soros, the former head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and "representatives of the American Federal Reserve System" are in the running for the post. Poroshenko will soon submit to the Parliament a candidate for their approval.

The current head of the NBU, Valeria Gontareva, was appointed to this position in June, 2014. According to the media, she apparently wrote a letter of resignation.
Yesterday, the Parliamentary Committee on Finance and Banking
unanimously adopted a resolution to urgently report on the status of
the Ukrainian monetary system. As stated by the
Chairman of the Committee the report also adopted an appeal
to Poroshenko to dismiss Gontareva from the post.

Looks like all the top positions in the post coup government are going to foreigners. Some of these same foreigners (Soros) also spent vast quantities of money to foment the very coup which has lead to a civil war and the loss of 1,000s of lives and billions of dollars in assets worldwide.