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Innocent person incarcerated for child rape shares story (Jul.2006)

Gerald Amirault spent 18 years in prison. Child witnesses were 'counseled' for months before the trial began (therapists planted suggestions, parents and lawyers coached, and jurors used those suggestions as fact). Not only was Amirault convicted but so were his mother and sister because they all ran a daycare center. Mother died of stomach cancer but fought for the rest of her life trying to exonerate family's name.

Other cases from the 1980s during a period of "Daycare Sex Abuse Hysteria", provoked by the media, have since been overturned after being reviewed again.

Sex abuse trials now routinely take into consideration the notion of psychological 'coaching' by therapists, parents, or lawyers to obscure victims' memories. Psychological phenomenon has put many other innocent men and women in jail because of public mass hysteria and assumption.

Related known examples of mass h

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