BNP Sue The Sun Newspaper for Incitement to Racial Hatred

May 18, 2009

The British National Party has called in the police and laid charges over the latest media lie about the party which has included a completely forged leaflet condemning the Gurkhas.

BNP lead North East candidate Adam Walker has this morning laid an official complaint against The Sun for incitement to racial hatred. The Sun story consists of a poor quality black and white leaflet which attacks the Gurkhas and which was not issued by the BNP.

“We have never issued such a leaflet,” Mr Walker said, adding that he had been contacted by the Northern Echo newspaper on Sunday and asked about the leaflet then.

“I told that newspaper that the leaflet was not ours, and that we would never issue such a thing,” Mr Walker said. “The newspaper would not tell me when or where it had been distributed, which made me highly suspicious.

”I am absolutely disgusted by this typical newspaper deception,” Mr Walker continued. “It is clear that this is just another ‘black operations’ trick drawn up by the local Communist Party front organisations who make a living out of spreading anti-BNP lies. Those responsible for this fake leaflet can be assured that we will do everything we legally can to track them down and see them prosecuted for this forgery.”

Mr Walker added that The Sun newspaper would also have to be taught that it could not reprint a pack of lies without suffering serious consequences. “They have not bothered to check if the serious allegations they have made are in any way accurate and although they name me personally as the one who distributed the fake leaflets, they never bothered to contact me for comment. What type of gutter journalism is that?”

ukipbin3Mr Walker pointed out that the BNP have “members who fought alongside the Gurkhas and ex-forces who have served alongside them in garrisons. They are as disgusted and appalled as I am that The Sun and its Communist Party allies can resort to such tactics. I consider this leaflet to be an incitement to racial hatred against the Gurkhas and I have made a formal complaint to the police today against The Sun for publishing this leaflet and also against whoever printed and distributed it.”

The BNP have this morning contacted the editorial and legal departments of The Sun newspaper and demanded that they remove the article from their online edition and also print a formal retraction of the story within the paper.

Mr. Walker will also be taking legal advice in order to sue The Sun newspaper for personal defamation.

*The guidelines adhered to by the National Union of Journalists state very explicitly that the BNP must never be covered fairly, and must always be smeared and attacked. This is the reason why the media is universally hostile to this party, even though this blanket hostility has alerted many members of the public to the fact of the NUJ’s twisted ideological agenda.

*Readers will also have noticed that the anti-BNP smears in the media are now coming thick and fast. Thankfully they will also get more and more outrageous as the increasingly desperate hacks realise that they have failed to stop the BNP’s surge in support.

As a result the smears might well increase over the next few weeks, but will become increasingly far-fetched as election day approaches — as is the case with the forged Gurkha leaflet.

The BNP assures the media that it now has the financial and organisational capability to take them on with the full force of the law and will not hesitate to ensure that media liars are exposed and punished for their crimes.