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"Islamic paedophilia" ???

Sadly we currently see the efforts of the Christian missionary activity
focused primarily on derailing Islam now more than any other period in
history. Thus, we witness numerous travesties and parodies coming from them
in their attempts to twist, manipulate and totally abuse historical and
etymological facts. These polemics range from a variety of the utterly
hilarious to the outright abusive and cruel. One such dishonest Christian
missionary polemic has been the allegation of the young marriage of `Aishah
(R) to the Prophet Muhammad(P). The missionaries try to accuse the Prophet
of being a child molester, albeit in politically correct terms, due to the
fact that `Aishah(R) was betrothed (zawaj) at the age of 6 years old and the
marriage was consummated (nikah) a few years after the marriage at 9 years
old when she was in full puberty. The lapse of time between the zawaj and


Added: Sep-17-2008 
By: elzahrmathar
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