Retired Policeman Killed with His Own Gun During Assault

google translation Images from security cameras of a trade in Suzano show the time when the retired military officer Ivanildo Francisco de Oliveira is shot dead during an attempted robbery. The whole action lasts less than a minute. In the images, the police appears on the left side of the video moving in the cafeteria grill (watch above). Suddenly two men arrive. One surrenders a victim on the sidewalk. The other goes straight to the top of the PM.

According to police, the thief wanted the bike key it, which was parked outside. Soon, the accomplice is also approaching. They can take the PM's gun. The victim is hit by three shots from his pistol and bandits. The case happened in Vila Monte Sion and the bandits fled without taking the bike and with the weapon of the police. Ivanildo Francisco de Oliveira came to be rescued, but did not resist. He retired as warrant officer 4 years ago and had worked in Mogi das Cruzes Battalion.


By: jasonandrews2014 (20030.00)

Tags: retired, policeman, killed, assault, robbery

Location: Suzano - São Paulo, Brazil