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Greetings everybody.. just came back from the gym (which is more than needed as you can see) Anyway i saw Neothinkers video and his question why the west hates islam so much.

Now first of all.. i agree with Neothinker on how crappy that movie is.. any kid who is good with moviemaker could make that video.
Still.. .it contains reall footage of muslims preaching hate and muslims killing non-believers.

Now i'm not saying Geert Wilders is Right.. since in a lot of things he's wrong.. but some of his points of view i do share.

To Neothinker: I hope you understand my answere even through the bad english. And i would really like to see a reply of your point of view.

Because if i'm wrong about it, i am always up for a good, clean and friendly debate.

Added: Mar-31-2008 
By: hrothgar
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