Two men fight off armed suspects in attempted robbery

March 19, 2008 BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - - Two men fought off armed suspects during an attempted robbery, and it was all caught on tape.

Here's what happened Monday night around eleven o'clock. Two bandits walked into a corner store. One of them is armed with a shotgun, there are customers inside. What would you do?

A man who wants to be known only as Bruce said, "They're just like my family" He is a Viet Nam Veteran and regular customer of the corner store in Buffalo, NY. "You point a gun at me, if you don't shoot me, I'm going to try to get that gun."

Many could argue that what he did was anything but regular. Without blinking an eye, he foiled what could have been a very bad situation, inside the Lisbon Avenue store.

"I'm going to get the gun before he shoots me, I'm not going to wait"

The store video shows an attempted armed robbery Monday night around eleven.

Bohran Ali the store owner said, "As soon as they got to the door, they just clicked the shotgun. It was like click-click...that got all of our attention."

The two bandits walked in with masks on, one pointing a shot gun.

Bruce without hesitation, stuns the bandits by grabbing the shotgun, and wrestling them out the door.

Ali said, "They did come around here, and then it was, "Everyone on the floor, everyone on the floor!" But, while they were saying that, Bruce was just walking towards them. It was like it didn't phase him."

Bruce, believes it was a natural reaction.

Bruce said, "I was afraid he was going to shoot me, yeah. I wasn't going to wait for him to shoot me, I'm going to get the gun. If he's going to shoot me...he's going to shoot me. I not going to wait, and lay in the hospital saying I should have done something. I'm going to do something."

Store owner Boran Ali can be seen on the video tape pulling the gun away. He then held the suspect at gun point, waiting for police.

Ali said, "When they showed up (the police), I had the shotgun to the guy's head. So, they didn't know what was going on. They just come and they were pointing their guns at me, and I said, "Oh no, don't shoot me!"

One of the suspects got away. He is described as a black male six foot three, 180 pounds, described with 3 cuts above the left eye. If you have any information about the suspect, you are urged to call the Buffalo Police Tip Line at 847-2255. The other suspect according to police, 19 year old Craig Witherspoon of Buffalo, N.Y. has been charged in connection with the case.

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