Audio; 911 Call Woman held hostage, rescued by neighbor

December 12th, 2007 Police in West Valley, Utah made an astonishing discovery: a woman held captive, chained up in her boyfriend's apartment. Officers rescued her through the help of an observant neighbor.
The woman was held hostage for at least a week, maybe several, in an apartment.
Friday morning, Peter Erkelens was returning home when he noticed something in the apartment across from his trailer. "Looked up in the window back here and seen some lady making finger numbers on the window, ?Call 911,'" he said.
The woman had barricaded herself in a bedroom with a dresser. As she signaled for help in the condensation of the window, Erkelens took action.

"I went over there to talk to her to make sure she wanted me to call the police for her, and she did," he said.

On the 911 call Erkelens said, "Some lady asked me to call the police. She says she has to lock the door, she can't come out of the room. She says her boyfriend or husband is gonna hit her if she comes out of the room. The only thing she told me was that he had hit her a couple times and she couldn't leave."

On the recording of the 911 call Erkelens says, "He locked the door. It's got a double deadbolt on it, so it locks from both sides." The dispatcher asks, "Okay, so can she go out and unlock the door?" Erkelens replies, "She can't."