Afghanistan: The Battle For Helmand. Documentary Part 1 0f 3.

Documentary about the last 5 years which British soldiers have fought in Helmand the hardest military campaign since the Korean war.Mark Urban a BBC Newsnight reporter presents this review of the military campaign and the underestimation of the tasks and under resourced troops that were sent, senior military officers and the troops themselves talk candidly about the facts.Helmand now needs 30,000 NATO troops to controle the situation compared to the 1,000 British combat soldiers that were originally sent there to do the same job in an area half the size of the uk.These paras the first in expected to be there for 96 hours but ended up being in constant contact for 95 days solid.If it had not been for our US allies there would have been many more dead soldiers thank you to the brave American helicopter pilots who saved many British lives.