Deputy Pashinsky take out a sniper rifle from Maidan

"Activists of euromaidan searched car of deputy Pashinsky ("Пашинский", member of the "Fatherland"/"Батькивщина"), he showed that it was in his car and drove away.
People have asked what kind of maschina where you are going.
Car inspect by activists of euromaidan. (in Str "Institutskaja" / "Институтская" opposite of "Крепостной переулок"). Inspect twice, the first time checked documents, and next time found in the trunk (?) sniper rifle with a silencer. Deputy planted in the back seat, with the two sides sat down people deputies (?) or activists, I don `t know who." @ translation from video

I don `t know if I translated properly, guys from Ukraine translate it precisely, but there is clearly deputy smuggling of firearms maydan zone, it could be used for provocations. he leave maydan, and it probably mean that weapon already was used?

As i understand "Fatherland" is opposition to government. look bad.

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