Arab Attacker Shot by Police

So this guy (22 year old Khair Hamdan) was shot to death after he attempted to stab officers who arrived to the area in a van to conduct an arrest last night. One of the officers fired at the assailant, wounding him. he was transferred to the care of paramedics. The medical teams evacuated him to the Medical Center in Afula, where he died from his wounds.

Media in Israel is having a field day over this. they say that from the CCTV video it looks as if the shooting can be avoided. meanwhile. hundreds of local youths spread out across the town, burned tires and blocked roads for traffic.

They threatened to continue blocking the roads until all the officers responsible for the shooting of Hamdan are arrested. "We won't forgive the police and will not pass over this in silence," one of the youths at the area said. According to him, Hamdan "did not attempt to stab them as the officers claimed. They decided to shoot him without having a good reason."

Here's a good comment by an Arab citizen about the incident that i translated to English:

"We Arabs always claim police isn't doing it work in Arab city and villages (mostly because it's too dangerous - tubezzz). the victim's cousin threw a hand grenade at someone and police arrived at the place to arrest him, and this guy lunges at them with a knife. maybe our idiot Arab PM's would tell our people they shouldn't block and attack officers when they attempt to do their job and keep us safe. (Arab parliament members are, of course, claiming that this was nothing short of murder - tubezzz)
I don't justify the shooting. could've been avoided, but i'm not going to turn this into a national fiasco."