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What do bitter Rust Belt states have in common?

The Wall Street Journal takes a closer look at the commonalities between states identified as “bitter” by Barack Obama, and finds one thread that runs through their economies. Jeff Durstewitz notes that Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan all have state governments that overtax and overregulate, and protect unions at the expense of workers and jobs:

In the firestorm touched off by Barack Obama’s comments about those who “cling to” guns and religion out of economic resentment, most analysis missed a crucial point: The “bitterness” felt in the so-called Rust Belt is mainly a product of high-tax, highly unionized states.

While there are pockets of prosperity in Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Ohio and Michigan, a good deal of this area is economically depressed. That’s not because of Washington’s policies (or lack thereof). These policies aren’t killing Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Ar

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