Great White Scares Spear Fisherman

Thunderbolt, South Africa

Original Text:
"In an area known as Pinnacles, south of Thunderbolt (which is on the
wildside), what started as a fishing trip for a coupla yellowtail
quickly turned into a heart-stopping moment for the guys.

Eugene had just speared two nice yellowtail, and then noticed that there
were no ragged tooth sharks around. Something which is unusual for this
area. He started was thinking "wonder why, maybe a big white around?"
And as the saying goes, careful what you wish for.

Minutes later after surfacing from his dive, a great white passed right
underneath him. A big female at least 5m long. She turned and came in
very close, on then on her second approach Eugene had to push her away
with his speargun! And get his legs out the way pretty pronto.

Whilst this was all happening Kyle had hightailed it the 30m swim back
to the boat, jumped in, cut the anchor line and then reversed the boat
back towards Eugene. Once they were both safely in the boat, the shark
still circled them another 3 times."