Veteran is beaten to death by five cops

Tommy Yancy, 32, father of two, was savagely beaten to death by five law
enforcement officers during a routine traffic stop near the city of
Imperial last Sunday, on Mother's Day. Yancy, a veteran who suffered
from PTSD, served in Afghanistan and Iraq in the 259th Field Service
Unit following the 9/11 attacks.
Officers claim Yancy swung at an officer and attacked the K-9.

Yancy was stopped on his way to the store after a highway patrol officer
spotted a missing front license plate on his vehicle. He was
subsequently pulled from his car and attacked by a police K-9 unit, hit
by a taser, and attacked by five officers until he succumbed to the
beating and died. A witnessed, who filmed the incident, can be heard
screaming on the recording: "How long before you guys call an
ambulance? Call an ambulance!" According to the source of the video, who
asked not to be named, his family has not been permitted to see his
body, nor have they been given a cause of death.