Vivisection protest at home of Danaher exec menaced with red laser

On the 20th of October, protesters returned to the home of Danaher
Senior Vice President Jonathan Graham just one week after a noisy
residentail protest amped up by bright police lights, This time a ten
minute protest may have beaten the police response time, but a neighbor
shined a red laser from an unknown device through an open window.

Having been shot at before, I immediately presumed the red laser could
potentially be from a laser-sighted weapon such as a sniper rifle. The
protest immediately shifted gears, first setting all bullhorns in siren
mode. Then speakers denounced the cowards who hid in their nearby home
while brandishing what might have been a harmless laser pointer and
might have been a lethal weapon. Without a look at the source of the
beam, I could not tell.

Although I and several others feared a bullet in the back, the protest
was continued until the originally planned ten minutes was up. At that
point, activists quickly left the area, in the process noticing a cop
car driving by, stopping in front of the house, then continuing up the
block. A cop car has also driven by 3 minutes into the demo but ignored
the protest. If the first car was a routine patrol, the tactic of using a
ten minute protest to beat the police response time worked. The other
possibility is that cops stayed away because their lights added to the
show and disruption the previous week.

Danaher is the corporate parent of Beckman Coultier, supplier of
laboratory equipment to puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences or HLS.
Jonathan P Graham is Senior Vice President of Danaher