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How to Lose Joe Six-Pack

Congressional Democrats want to slap another $2-per-case tax on beer.

This is to subsidize the health insurance of 50 million “Americans,” a number that includes 12 million illegal immigrants (many already covered by Medicaid) and about 15 million who could be insured but don’t want to buy it.

(You have a BlackBerry? You can afford health insurance.)

This is part of a tax-everything-they-drink approach to health care.

Alcohol is “bad” for you. That will be another 48 cents a six-pack, 49 cents for a jug of wine and 40 cents for a fifth of the hard stuff. That is on top of the various federal, state and local taxes we pay for adult beverages.

Those who prefer a cola will pay a tax on soda.

Diet soft drinks will not see a tax hike.

All in the name of promoting health and paying for health care.

This is usurious taxation. It is time for another tea party. T


Added: May-23-2009 
By: Hypnojive2
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