NWO Vampires to begin 'no-refusal' blood sucking weekends

The New World Order now has the right to sink their cold blooded teeth into yur veins and draw yur blood, even if yur sober?

They only need to accuse ya of drinking?

Been there done that before..........it's all about 'being under the influence' That is what they tag you with.

I got busted once for 'being under influence of love' when they nailed me for just getting lucky and for speeding back home at 4 in the morning. I wasn't drinking and they 'WANTED MY BLOOD' but I refused...

It's bad enough that the Rat Masters Blood Sucking Vampires control the price of gasoline and are ripping us off , now they want steal yur
blood, it's genetic code, it's dna data, etc...

Like cold blooded predators do when they pin them down, to slaughter them?

All without my consent?

Liberty is dying