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Live on Lebanese TV: Politicians fight over Assad

(Video) Lebanese TV show forced to cut broadcast after anti-Syrian former Lebanese parliament member, Ba'ath party member clash over comments claiming Assad is 'a liar'

Published: 11.15.11

A former Lebanese parliament member caused a storm Monday when he called Syrian President Bashar Assad a liar live on Lebanese television. The statements led to clashes between the former parliament member Dr Mustafa Alush, an anti-Syrian politician, and Dr. Faez Shakor of the Ba'ath party.

Speaking on Lebanon's MTV Alush said: "I don't believe him, Bashar Assad. I just don't believe him." To which Shakor responded with: "Who are you to not believe President Assad?"

The conversation grew heated with Shakor calling Alush a "liar" and Alush claiming Shakor was "collaborating with (Syrian) intelligence."

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