Syria - The ultrakilled SAA tank attack analysis

The best analyze I encountered about this particular case. I translated it with Google (originally Russian):

Let's return to our original analysis of the plot. And so, as we see
from the very first frame, outside the city, in a very dense high-rise
building, there are three government of the T-72M1. The tanks are not
equipped with modern sighting optics, have a dynamic, or any other
additional security. These tanks are virtually obsolete by the

Order of battle as a whole is built correctly: two tanks, standing
shoulder, control the street, third, closing his stern building,
controls the street in the opposite direction. However, it is possible
it's bad - track from under armor obsolete through the optics of the
foot terrorists armed with portable antitank weapons, it is very
difficult, in fact impossible. Combat experience in a city requires
joint action of infantry and armored vehicles. In this armor inhibits
identified pockets of resistance, and the infantry makes cleaning and,
in turn, covers armor. In this case, the Corps apparently broke away
from the tanks and moved forward. As a sad result, the destruction of
one of the tanks with the most vulnerable areas of feed. Hit by a
missile, fire combat pack. At the time of the explosion, the affected
tank will fire (which gave rise to an illiterate innuendo "Russia 24").
Saved only one member of the crew - gunner ejected through a hatch gases
from the combustion of the explosive charges. Man is very lucky!

A detailed analysis, some panelists initially assumed that this person
is not a member of the crew, and a suicide by throwing himself under a
tank, but this version was soon disproved, and below we detail to see
this. Issues is the place of impact. For one, I should say, erroneous
version was hit in the side of the tower. On the second - in the side of
the hull in the area of ​​the fuel tanks. The third - in the rear of
the hull of the tank. That in turn led to a couple of questions:

* First - if you hit the rear of the hull, then how is it that
immediately caught fire combat pack in the fighting compartment? Is the
engine provides shielding and protection?

* The second - the shot? Cited as versions of the SPG-9 and RPG-29 "Vampire."

We begin to understand. HD video quality allows us to make enough
quality screenshots. At first we see flying up to the tank with a stern

Its form is to determine the trajectory and point of contact.

As can be clearly seen, have not hit the tower (near the turret) as some
forgers, and about the upper-left corner of the sheet feed. Zoom in,
and try to identify the object:

As a result of the special image processing software, it is quite easy
to read as a shot RPG-29 "Vampire." Very characteristic silhouette,
clearly visible leading tandem shaped charge warhead. This is not just a
serious and very serious thing! Recall that in the mid 2000's
"Vampires" was very successfully used by Iraqi insurgents against U.S.
forces. At this point there was a even a very interesting video.

In 2006, during an operation against forces in Lebanon, Israeli tanks
"Merkava", including the most advanced modification Mk.4, began to bear
substantial losses from portable anti-tank weapons. In the subsequent
"debriefing" performed quite professionally and meticulously Israeli
history lovers armored vehicles, it became clear that most of the losses
and damages "Merkava" carried from ATGM. However, in this case, it is
surprising howl raised in the press statements by Israeli officials.
Israeli Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter, and after him, and
Defense Minister Amir Peretz, said that in the fighting in southern
Lebanon, "Hezbollah" is using modern anti-tank produced in Russia and,
in particular, the RPG-29. There is significant that was isolated and
named this sample PTAs. Finally, in 2007, the same Iraq, an RPG-29 was
broken front armor hull British tank "Challenger-2."

The driver took off with three toes were injured and two other members
of the crew of the tank. So there is nothing surprising in the defeat of
"old man" T-72M1 this powerful RPG not. In the next screenshot, we see
him leading the charge drawdown tandem warhead (2).

After a moment, should be the main burst (1).

Probably hatch gunner on the affected T-72 was not completely closed and
secure. The explosion of the main charge to open it, and we see the
flash rips through the open hatch. At the same time we see a sheaf of
flames escaping from a broken stern. Almost simultaneously with the
explosion of the shot from the gun of the tank. Perhaps it was at that
time charged and ready to fire. At the moment of impact the RPG gunner
inadvertently pulled the trigger, or may have been some unintended
circuit wiring, because immediately after the shot is observed failure
of the stabilizer arms with electro-hydraulic drive - gun free swinging
up and down, which speaks volumes about the damaged hydraulic and cable
routes. From start to burn explosion RPG charges, are behind the gunner
in motor bulkhead. The fact that the gunner was killed on the spot,
shows that the power of the RPG-29 was barely enough to break 45 mm aft
of the tank, to go through the procurement and overcome the small motor
bulkhead. To understand the trajectory of the projectile inside MTO and
the fact why the engine is not screened fighting compartment, look at
the chart:

On them we tried to visually reconstruct what happened as a defeat. It
is seen that the jet stream engine literally touched on a tangent, from
the edge, catching the edge of covers cylinder heads, and before that
took place along the radiator. Shot obviously high-class professional
and methyl he was not in the stern - the moment just below the rocket
and the engine would not let her hit the styling found in the fighting
compartment. Pointed at a very vulnerable aft turret.


Some experts argue that whether the tank is equipped with modern
high-speed system, middleware, such as "Frost", the fire could have been
prevented. Unfortunately it is not. No CSPs can not repay the
cumulative jet and especially the illuminated charges. The latter do not
add water, do not put out any foam or powder, or an inert gas.
Isolation from atmospheric oxygen will not help because the oxidizer is
already part of the charge. If the charge is fired up - all - burning
has not stopped. But as far as the spread of fire in the MTO, we just
observe that the spread of fire in the MTO does not, maybe the staff
worked PPO. In subsequent frames visible weak chadyaschie smoke, rising
slowly through the radiators - a consequence of thermal treatment and
combustion HEAT warhead charges in BW, but no more.

Now for the truly miraculous escape gunner. Hard to tell what state it
was in when the actual explosion. Most likely he was wounded and lost
consciousness. Carefully watching developments, we see that the charges
broke out at once, but gradually flared. Few moments after the explosion
does not happen anything, but then the explosion of the wide-open hatch
starts fell smoke. Gas pressure inside the crew compartment is growing -
the charges erupted one after another, and then we see a strong pillar
of flame. But until then, people no attempt to leave the burning car -
can not see what he was trying to climb out on their own through the
hatch. In contrast, the HR promatyvaya record shows that his body falls
to the ground somewhere in the 13 seconds clip, while the burning of the
charge just passed the maximum stage.

The flow of hot gases it simply kicked through the hatch. However, his
clothes torn and naddulo tatters. Ripped shoes, tearing leg, the remains
of which are hanging only by a belt at the waist. Batten down the
jacket and pulled up on the wrong side. By the way, in consequence, we
see that the man surely lifted from the ground and has a very
reasonable, in any case continue to navigate the space. So he has not
lost sight! More importantly, while in the "fireball" he swallowed the
hot air to the lungs - it would be almost instant death. In our opinion,
all of this happened because of Zadran up jacket, which saved the eyes
and respiratory system. In the next screenshot, clearly visible through
the opened door gunner who continues to break out the weakened flame. We
see that the flames burst out just aft of the tank through a hole
punched precharge. It is evident that the man lies on his back along the
tank down aft. Such a situation can not be the case if the person

jumps to the ground, except when he left the door rolls on armor and
falls "sack" on the ground. But in the latter case, he would be right
next to the tank in the tower and was not visible to us. Described above
and also refutes allegations of Action - "kamikaze".

Surprisingly, he found himself on the ground, our heroic spotter the
hour comes to himself, to his feet. His legs and body badly burned -
literally black from burns. Surely he felt a terrible pain shock, but as
mentioned above, is valid in this case deliberately. He understands
that it is small arms fire - ruthless terrorists want to finish it,
maybe he sees where is the fire. Rapidly rising and dropping his hands
(otherwise jacket will hurt the burnt body) runs around the tank, hiding
in a building which has a tank number 3, in which it will be possible
to feel protected by his comrades in arms.

In the wake him continue to be heard gunshots, bullets beat against the pillar of the building, close to where he just ran.

Unfortunately, on this record is dropped. We do not know what happened next, as further events developed.