**Shocking** Uncle brands niece with hot iron rods in india to rid her of evil spirits

Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh): Gubbala Roshini, a 6-year old girl was brutally beaten and branded with hot iron rods by her uncle to get her rid of evil spirits.

The incident took place in Kakinada city of Andhra Pradesh where Roshini’s aunt’s fiancé Suresh used to visit her house to meet his fiancée. One day Suresh told Roshini’s father Kameswara Rao, a mechanic by profession, that he had seen Roshini crying while asleep.Rao said as Roshini was born on a New Moon night, he had been facing a financial crunch ever since her birth.

Suresh told Rao that his daughter was possessed with evil spirits and he must take her to a sorcerer. However, Suresh then began beating and branding Roshini himself with hot iron rod to get rid of the evil spirit.

The brutalities went on till Roshini’s grandfather Badram and uncle Gangadhar visited Rao’s house and found Roshini in a battered condition. To put an end to her pain and torture, Badram took her with him to his house in Annavaram.Rao lodged a complaint with Pithapuram police that his girl had been taken away. When the police investigated the case, the torture which Roshini had been enduring came to light.

According to sources, burn marks were found all over the victim’s body. Roshini alleged that her uncle Suresh used to drag her with a scarf around her neck.

The case is being investigated by police now.

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