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Afghanistan National Army
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November 2009

Ill-equipped, poorly paid and caught between NATO and the people, the Afghan Army is struggling to stand up to the Taliban as it is. We reveal why Obama may backtrack on the plan to double its size.

All the thirty-seven countries whose armies are in Afghanistan, they all have much better equipment and weapons than the Afghan army. All we have is belief and bravery. Sergeant Major Suniman complains that, unlike their foreign mentors, his troops have to fight in unarmoured vehicles. Not only this but theyre paid a pittance. Morale in this camp outside of Kabul, is at an all-time low. Theres not a single province that our battalion has not fought in and defeated the enemy, says one frustrated soldier. With conditions such as these, theres little incentive for Afghans to join the Afghan Army. They pay them five thousand Afghani, but we pay them fifteen thousand, says a pr

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