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Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK

Of course you find pedophiles and rapists in all communities, but
these are nearly always loners operating in secret, because pedophiles
are despised and hated by normal people.

However Islam is different . Pedophilia is socially acceptable in
Islam because 'the perfect man' Mohammed was a pedophile. In addition,
pedophile attacks on 'kuffar' (non-Muslim) children are seen as a
legitimate form of jihad, inflicting humiliation and demoralisation on
the children and their parents.

There are many forms of jihad, not all of which involve bombs and
bullets. Sexual jihad, using rape and other forms of sexual humiliation
and sadism has been used as a weapon of war since the time of Mohammed.

But as usual the Leftist Elite will disagree and start going on about White pedophiles which we all know about and despise but for some strange reason the Leftist Elite never seem to speak out a

Added: Sep-4-2012 
By: SkyClad
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