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Autism Rates Continue To Explode As More Vaccines Introduced


Before the West introduced fast food to Asia, life for many of the
countries included having a much healthier profile. Unfortunately, after
McDonalds decided to move in and change the country, people began to
gain weight, experience cancers and heart diseases and rapidly descend
into the squalors of food addictions. Much like fast food, the
introduction of vaccines have similarly created health issues.

Autism rates in Asia are reaching new heights as more and more
vaccines are used on the people. Pharma’s long arm is contaminating the
brains of babies and infants because they likely see them as easy
prey, or, uncontested victims. According to a 2015 report in, we are talking about disturbing new trends.

Saigon Tiep Thi newspaper Wednesday quoted a study from
the National Hospital of Pediatrics as saying th

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