Blocking the road, Pulling an iron rod on a police personal and not going to jail...

This is a translation (by me) to the story behind the video brought to here by Tubezzz, about the young driver who blocked the road of a police volunteer and got out with an iron rod, only to face the volunteer pulling a gun at him.... So what exactly was going on there?

It took place in 2010, when Amir Schade, a young Arab driver from the village of Abu-Snan was "celebrating" on the road up in northern Israel, with his blue Reno: He drove from side to side, crossed the white line till he realized he is being filmed.

He tried to take cover but later he changed his approach- He took over the police volunteer who taken his footage, blocked his car and got out with an Iron rod to settle score.

Avi Russo, a senior volunteer in Israel police pulled out his gun and suddenly all the picture changed... Schade dropped his iron rod, raised his hands up in the air,got down on the road but Russo couldn't arrest him so he let him go (He is a volunteer in the police,not an actual cop).
Later Schade was arrested in his house.

Haifa court eventually signed a plea bargain with Schade, and all his felonies were eraised- Schade line of defence was that his father is ill and he is the only provider of his family, and this is the first time he is doing something like that... He got 6 months of community service and a fine of 10,000 NIS.

The community service he did was 100 meters from his home, in his local council of the village.


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