Police Officer is Arrested After Assaulting Repo Truck Driver

Three video uploads, Warning one video has SAW screaming annoying woman.

A New Mexico State Police officer is behind bars after Los Lunas police said he assaulted a repossession tow truck driver.

According to LLPD, officers responded to the Casa De Chavez Apartments Thursday on reports of a conflict between a male suspect and an X-Factor Transportation employee.

Officers said the suspect, Charles Vernier, had the employee in a choke hold when they arrived at the scene. The employee was attempting to repossess Vernier's vehicle.

Police said officers told Vernier several times to let the employee go before he complied. When they attempted to arrest him, officers said Vernier tried to run away, but he slipped and fell after a short distance.

Vernier is charged with aggravated battery and resisting arrest.

"Officer Vernier has been on administrative leave, for reasons I'm not at liberty to disclose. An internal inquiry will be launched into this matter immediately," NMSP Chief Pete Kassetas said in a statement.