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Fox News Claim Ron Paul's Online Voters Skewed Text-Message Only Poll!

Limbaugh, Neo-Cons pretend Ron Paul doesn't exist to prevent their delusional soap bubble from being popped
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fox News had an explanation for why Ron Paul did so well in their poll even after the deliberate smear job that constituted their presidential debate - online activists were skewing the numbers.

There's only one problem with that claim - the poll was by text message only and no online votes were taken!

It seems that the Neo-Cons who are hell-bent on destroying anyone other than their Neo-Lib icon Hillary Clinton, for whom Fox owner Rupert Murdoch regularly throws fundraisers, and will go to any lengths to try and dismiss the massive wave of popular support for Ron Paul, including by lying outright in claiming Internet votes swung the

Added: May-16-2007 
By: neverknwo
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