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Belgians losing control of Brussels

Brussels might be 200 miles from London but the two capital cities have a lot in common. Both have extreme left-wing mayors, both are home to a growing migrant population from the Third World, both are home to a growing number of Muslims who are displaying all the signs of successful colonists cowering the indigenous population into submission.

Just two days ago we reported the brutal actions of Brussels police who smashed up a birthday party by Filip deWinter Leader of the Flemish nationalists, Vlaams Belang, to coincide with the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks by Islamic extremists on America.

The brutality of the Brussels police against just 300 friends and supporters of Mr. deWinter was unprecedented, with three leading VB members clubbed and arrested. Eye witnesses reported a fleet of water cannons, a mounted cavalry unit and a further riot squad were held just


Added: Sep-15-2007 
By: Larson_01
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