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America...God's chosen country.

America is God's chosen country because it was founded by devout Christians. Every town and city has Christian churches in then. Everywhere you look in America you see American flags and chruches. There are crosses everywhere. On our currency it says 'In God we Trust'. America is the greatest, richest country in the world. Even our homeless on the streets has options for free meals and shelter, from the homeless shelters and salvation army. No one can deny that My country is great. We police the world. Sometimes it may seem that America is a bully, but remember
Romans 8:28
'All things work together for good, for theose who love God, for the who are called by Him'.
Iraq will be like the Philippines soon enough, when a few generations pass, it will be a blend of american and iraqi culture. It will be beautiful.


Added: Oct-27-2007 
By: BobbyHill36
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