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Planned Inflation: Devaluation Of America’s Buying Power

All Americans are all seeing an inflation in the price of all commodities and costs due to the fact that the Rothschild shill Shalom Benyamin Bernanke is printing and pumping trillions of unbacked Federal Reserve fiat currency funny money notes into the American economy with complete abandon.

And all that fresh non-devalued money is being handed out by the marxist in the White House to his elite marxist buddies and causes like the Wall Street criminal bankers, ACORN, SEIU and any other anti-American marxist, crooked, scummy, scammer cockroach known to mankind.

The devaluation from the criminal scam know as QE2 has not yet hit the American markets yet. Sad to say, but over the next several years, the ensuing devaluation will become apparent and seriously further cripple the buying power of every American.

Added: Jul-19-2011 Occurred On: Jul-19-2011
By: star53
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