Atheist Comedy - The Meaning of Life

A special upload for FillTheVoid and his many alter-ego usernames. My message box was full of questions and comments from him:

From: FillTheVoid
Oct-16-2011 21:53:18
I'm really curious.
I know we've had our little tittle tattle in the past.

However I am sincerely curious as to why you feel that you should live your life knowing full well that you are an irrelevant collection of ultimately meaningless molecules collected together for ultimately no purpose.

Please do not respond with the usual: "I live because I love my life partner, which is the result of an arbitrary instinct survival mechanism which occurs within my ultimately worthless brain".

I'm seeking a transcendent meaning, and if you are unable to provide it ... why would you feel that your personal meaning for life is greater than that of a muslim in the desert of arabia? Or that of an ant in your backyard? Or that of a cockroach in your kitchen?

Atheists have a lot to answer for, however thus far they have only borrowed and altered a theistic worldview.

Keep the meaning, forget God.

From: FillTheVoid
Oct-16-2011 22:48:05
Let's argue atheist to atheist.
Do you think you could win against me, honestly?

Do you honestly believe that your life is of any more importance than the chickens I slaughtered outside my barn house yesterday?

What if I were to harm you or your family? Perhaps you could cry to ultimate meaninglessness for mercy?

What if I were an alien who came to rape and pillage? Would you appeal to human society and condemn me upon that irrelevant basis?

You have a lot of thinking to do my illogical friend.

From: FillTheVoid
Oct-16-2011 23:12:46
I'm waiting.
It'll be intensely amusing to see you attempt to justify your ultimately irrelevant life. The only difficulty is that you might commit suicide before we're through.

From: FillTheVoid
Oct-17-2011 02:19:29
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Wait, now *lol*, no ... I'm really *lol* listening to you.

Your life is *lol* objectively worthless and ... hahahahahahaha I'm sorry, no I'm sorry.

From: FillTheVoid
Oct-17-2011 02:22:29
No, wait ... no ... I'm sorry.
We're having too much fun laughing at atheists ... wait, no I'm kidding.

You live, let me guess ... because you like to eat food, right?

No, wait ... no ... bwahahahaha

From: FillTheVoid
Oct-17-2011 02:29:02
We're sorry.
No, we're sorry ... I mean ... we're sorry for making fun of atheists.

I mean, we're sorry for making fun of you. It's just ... your life is meaningless and ... it's funny. I'm sorry, please don't kill yourself ... because you have so much meaninglessness to live for.

No, I'm being serious. It's ... please don't kill yourself.

From: FillTheVoid
Oct-17-2011 02:33:54
No, really ... seriously this time.,
We're being serious this time. We feel sorry for you. Please don't kill yourself. You can repent and believe in the Lord Jesus. Please, really ... you don't have to .. be an atheist please you can live you don't have to kill yurself please dont do it

From: FillTheVoid
Oct-17-2011 02:51:26
Seriously, ok.
I'm serious this time. I want to know why an atheist would live. I really want to know why you persist in living. I promise I won't make fun of you. Please, I just want to know.

From: FillTheVoid
Oct-17-2011 03:02:29
I picked the pennies.
I picked the pennies off the dryer, and I was thinking about atheists.

No, I shouldn't make you kill your ultimately worthless self.

Whether alcohol or goofballs induced this flurry of messages who knows? I should add that this was a one way conversation with no replies from myself. Until now.