Requiem for VZ58

I've accepted it. - 3-Sep-2008 By: VZ58

Thanks Brother Jay. I've missed a few days. Not up to it. I do my best to perform when my children visit. My youngest daughter helps me with the computer. She really gets a kick out of my comments. Most of the time I'm just trying to stir things up. I'm really not the redneck fascist that I appear. I do take patriotism personally. I feel that more of these people should be grateful for their freedom to openly hate their country. Too many good men and women died to preserve that. I wasn't surprised when I was told that I have cancer. I believe all of us that served in Nam will die from it if something else doesn't get to us first. I had two real good brothers come home and die foolishly from drugs. One OD'd. The other killed in a buy. So I went searching. I didn't find it in Rhodesia. I didn't find it in Central or South America. I lost it for good when my precious wife was murdered by junkies. If it wasn't for our four children I might have gone looking for someone capable of killing me. I lived a good life. I've saved many lives. I've taken more. Saving is better. I've seen the wonders of our wild world. My life has been spared much more than I deserved. I wouldn't linger this long but I'm writing down instructions and lessons learned for the kids. I see death as a wonderful peace. A reward for a rich and full life. I believe that this "medicinal" reefer (don't tell the kids) is allowing me to open up. I hadn't intentionally partaken since Nam. Some ceremonial hits to ease the natives. I guess I'll miss hunting season this year. I was really looking forward to one last hunt. Well I've had plenty. My Brother think of me from time to time when that sunset covers the sky and the most impossible turquoise blue surrounds the golden horizon. I'll be there with the rest and we'll be waiting for you all. Keep them smiling Jay, they get too serious. Hasta Luego Hermano mio.

Our Father has passed on. - 11-Sep-2008 By: VZ58

Hello Mr. Jay. I am VZ's youngest son. We are taking turns monitoring Dad's email and internet activities. We will upload his farewell to LL once we have put his remains with Mom's. We have been surprised by his comments. We really didn't know him as well as we thought. He loved nature and being outside in all kinds of weather. He was raised that way. He was very kind to children and animals. He loved them all very much. The one thing that he told us was completely unacceptable was cruelty to animals and children. He loved to laugh and cry at the liveleak video's. When we sat with him he would show us or have us find certain ones and he enjoyed our reaction. As he got weaker we would show him certain ones and try to understand what he wanted to say. He didn't act like he was suffering but the hospice nurses all said that he had to be in pain. He wouldn't take any pain medicene that "stupified" him. He told all of us that unless we could bring in "Stupefyin' Jones" to give it to him he wanted to stay alert. He was so funny. When Mom was killed he really took it hard. But he came back with his silly comments and joking around till we "snapped out of it". He really connected with you Mr. Jay. He told us that you were what he wanted all of us to "grow up to be". We didn't know that he had been in so many wars. We all just thought that he worked for the government. He was proud to be "North American". He always wanted our two countries to blend into one "seemless society". Several months ago men were visiting him and leaving with boxes. I think he gave them all of his documents and pictures. They told us to never upload anything from our Dad as people could be killed. I'm so very sorry to bring you this news on this day. My girlfriends sister died in tower two. Thank you for your kindness.


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