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The Revolution will not be twitterized

Turn off the TV & open your eyes

The revolution will not be photoshopped
The revolution will not be facebooked
The revolution will not be youtubed
The revolution will not be twitterized

Here are some Ahmedinejad supporters with music instead of "news commentators" interpreting the situation for you.

These are the birth pangs of Obama's new regional order

The turmoil in Tehran reflects a refusal to accept Ahmadinejad is popular and confusion about how to respond to the US

Seumas Milne
The Guardian, Thursday 18 June 2009

'They have elected a ­Labour government," a Savoy diner famously declared on the night of Britain's election landslide in 1945. "The country will never stand for it." From the evidence so far coming out of Iran, something similar seems to be ­happening on the streets of Tehran – and in the western capitals

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