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US Gov’s Organized Crime Warring and Illegal Detention Centers

(114 min Podcast)
Dick Cheney may have made 9 Billion Dollars while Vice President from his Haliburton and other war corporation/bankster investments. Should the Organized Crime Puppeteers of the US Government be allowed to continue abuse the world for their own profit?

Rob Kall (US) of interviews Andy Worthington (UK Journalist). Original audio file and the below text were found:

Andy Worthington Guantanamo Prison, Wikileaks and Julian Assange

notes from the interview.

Andy will be in the US for about a week, starting in a few days.
Here's info on the visit.
Andy Worthington Visits the US to Campaign for the Closure of Guantánamo on the 9th Anniversary of the Prison's Opening

the latest on Guantanamo, really, and the many reasons why it hasn't closed.

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