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Arena E Active Protection System

A more complete hemispheric protection is the Russian Arena E – developed by the Russian company KBM. The system is designed to protect the tank from attacks of anti-tank guided missiles launched from the ground and by attack helicopter and lightweight anti-tank grenades (such as RPG). The system weighs between 1 – 1.3 tons (depending on the coverage and configuration) and uses a fixed, omni-directional radar, that covers a sector of 220 – 290 degrees around the tank. The protective charges are housed in a "belt" of 22-26 protective charges (depending on the turret size and shape), each positioned to cover a specific sector. Once an incoming threat is detected by the radar, the system ejects a charge above and sideways from the tank, to a position best suited for intercepting the target. As the charge explodes, it throws a deadly hail of fragments downward, to shutter and destroy t

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