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The Most Renowned Executioner in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi beheader speaks frankly about his proud profession.

His name may not be widely known or recognized. Abdullah Al-Bishi is a Saudi national who inherited the position as an executioner from his father. Yes; this is one of the men who have learned the art of beheading. He is an executioner for Makkah and his son, Badr, has been accepted in the same kind of profession in Riyadh. I find it interesting that here are three consecutive generations who not only have chosen but take pride in their position and the skill required to conduct (execute) a clean execution.

Saudi Arabia uses public beheading as the punishment for murder, rape, drug trafficking, sodomy, armed robbery, apostasy and certain other offences. 2007 has been the record year for executions with 153 men and three women executed. Forty five men and two women were beheaded in 2002, a further 5

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