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(documentary) "Crossing the Lines: The Battle For Kashmir's Freedom" (2004) (Part 3/5)

"After four wars, Kashmiris and their land are divided between Pakistan and India, the source of recurring crises. Many feel that the next war may be a nuclear war. In this tragedy, each side tells the story of the injustice and violence of the other, and feels only the suffering of their own.

This path-breaking independent documentary film, made in Pakistan, challenges us to look at Kashmir with new eyes and to hope for a new way forward."


"Who controls Kashmir?

India now holds about two-thirds of the disputed territory, which it calls Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan controls about one-third, which it calls Azad (meaning "free") Kashmir. China also controls two small sections of northern Kashmir.
What makes Kashmir a flashpoint?

Kashmir been a constant source of tension since 1947, when the

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