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This is how Muslims treated innocent Hindus in Kashmir (Religion of peace)

This is how Muslim rulers treated Hindus of Kashmir after illegally invading it. Kashmir was a part of Bharatvarsh/Aryavrata ie present India. Kashmir belongs to the union of India and not to an artificial state(Pakistan) made for Indian Muslims in 1947.


Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani (AD 1314-AD 1385) wrote in “ Zakhirat’ul Maluk ” :
1. Muslim ruler shall not allow fresh constructions of Hindu temples and shrines for image worship.
2. No repair shall be executed to the existing Hindu temples and shrines.
3. They shall not proffer Muslim names.
4. They shall not ride a harnessed horse.
5. They shall not move about with arms.
6. They shall not wear rings with diamonds.
7. They shall not deal in or eat bacon.
8. They shall not exhibit idolatrous images.
9. They shall not built houses in the neighbourhood of Muslims.
10. They shall not dispose of their

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