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Not Another War (for Israel), Mr. President! ~ Justin Raimando

by Justin Raimondo, May 19, 2010

Nothing, but nothing, is going to get in the way of this administration’s path to war with Iran. This was brought home in a dramatic way when the Brazilians and the Turks announced Iran had agreed to implement the nuclear exchange deal proposed by the US some seven months ago: the Iranians agreed to turn over most of their fissionable material in exchange for fuel rods and technical assistance that would enable them to produce medical-grade materials.

Peace seemed to be breaking out all over – but not if the US government and its allies on the UN Security Council could help it. They refused to take yes for an answer, and promptly announced they were proceeding with the sanctions campaign.

Last time we went around this bend, a combination of hardliner opposition within Iran, and the War Party’s efforts in the US and Western Europe, effective

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