-Meet the Federal Reserve - part 2

Starring Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, and Jerry Nelson. Corporate Communications for the Federal Reserve with Gary Franchi, Managing Editor of Republic Magazine.

Bernanke is questioned about the Amero and Nelson reveals some little known facts about the FED. Is it really a private bank? Is the Amero on the horizon? What were US Notes printed by John F. Kennedy? Is our money toxic? What happened to the gold in the Treasury? These questions and more are answered in this expose' about the Federal Reserve System, from the mouth of the Federal Reserve. A must see video for all true American patriots. Produced in association with Aaron Russo's "RestoreTheRepublic.com"; and the Lone Lantern Society of America ("LoneLantern.org";) and Republic Magazine ("RepublicMagazines.com";)

Recorded May 14th-16, 2008 at the 44th Annual conference on Bank Structure and Competition hosted by the Federal Reserve of Chicago.
- video encodings still in process -