Injured Ukrainian medical volunteer, takes first steps in the hospital

Zinkevich, is the famous Dnepropetrovsk medical student who is leader and founder of the 'Hospitallers' group (the medical rescue service of Right Sector).

In December 2015, suffered catastrophic car accident with internal and spinal injuries. Due to the severity and complexity of her injuries, she was quickly evacuated to hospital in Israel. In Israel, she received life-saving operations and began the rehabilitation process.

It's still not clear whether she will be able to walk again or be permanently paralysed. However, earlier this week she took the first steps in hospital using 'robot legs' on a treadmill.

Before the accident, Yana:

The accident

Rehabilitation process at the Sheba Medical Centre, Tel HaShomer Hospital, Tel Aviv, includes not only physical rehabilitation, but also such things as art therapy.

Israeli television provided a hagiographical report on her back in December (note that the journalist who produced the report is a well known Ukrainian nationalist and hence the bias - a number of the journalists in Israel are Ukrainian nationalists)
The image of the UPA flag inside an Israeli hospital led to controversy on social media. She subsequently appeared to take it down.

Earlier this week (March 2016), Yana took her first step on a treadmill.

Today she joined the protests on Tel Aviv beachfront for the release of Savchenko.

I will keep posted on the story.


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