The Daily star: family of first Lebanese suicide bomber in Syria celebrates death.

Location: Tripoli

The family of a Lebanese suicide bomber who died in Syria received
congratulations and distributed sweets for the killing of two of their
members fighting against the forces of Syrian government.

“The Syrian regime is an enemy,” the grandfather of Motasem and his brother Hasan Khaldoun al-Hasan told The Daily Star. “There are fatwas to kill members or supporters of this regime, which is an infidel regime.”

The grand father, Mohammad Hajj Dib – better known as Abu Abdel-Nasser – dubbed his grandsons “martyrs.”

Abu Moaz, the nom de guerre of Motasem al-Hasan, blew himself up in the
attack on the Syrian army checkpoint near Qalaat al-Hosn or Crac des
Chevaliers in Homs last week. Abu Othman, the nom de guerre of
Motasem’s brother Hasan Khaldoun, was killed in a later assault on the
post by armed militia.

Motasem is the first Lebanese fighter to date known to have carried out a suicide attack against Syrian government.

At a condolences ceremony at the family residence in Tripoli’s
neighborhood of Mankoubeen over the weekend, the grandfather, was
smiling as he greeted visitors and distributed sweets. Visitors
congratulated the family – a traditional way of offering condolences to
relatives of martyrs.

The news of the brothers’ deaths was announced over the weekend by Sheikh Mohammad Ibrahim a member of Lebanon’s Salafist Hizb Ut-Tahrir.

“We would like to bring the people in Lebanon and Tripoli the good news of the martyrdom of two college boys Abu Moaz and ... Abu Othman who [were part of an attack] on the Abu Zeid checkpoint near Crac des Chevaliers in Homs during a suicide mission,” Ibrahim said in a statement.

Militants – including Abu Othman – attacked the checkpoint hours after Abu Moaz blew himself up.

Ibrahim, whose party supports the opposition in Syria, credited the banned Al-Qaeda inspired Jund al-Sham with carrying out the operation, which he said was the first of its kind in that area.

Jund al-Sham is based in in Homs, and has no connection to the
Palestinian militant group with the same name based in the Ain al-Hilweh
refugee camp in Sidon.The two brothers grew up in Sweden and returned
to Lebanon only recently. Motasem was 18 when he died, and Khaldoun was

Their mother’s family, the Hajj Dib clan, also known as the Ibrahim
clan, is from the Mankoubeen area in Tripoli and is known to have strong
ties to Fatah al-Islam.

The leader of Jund al-Sham in Syria, a Lebanese man known as Abu Salman
al-Bustani, is a member of Fatah al-Islam from Tripoli, and was
previously held in the notorious Roumieh prison.

The grandfather of the two Hasan brothers said he was proud of his grandsons who died “in the path of God”.

One of the uncles of the two brothers is Saddam Hajj Dib, who was
killed in May 2007 in clashes between the Internal Security Forces and
Fatah al-Islam.

Saddam himself was a prominent emir in Fatah al-Islam, and was known to
have had very close ties to Ayman al-Zawahri, the current leader of
Al-Qaeda and former second-in-command to Osama bin Laden.

Their other maternal uncle, Youssef al-Hajj Dib, is serving time in a
German prison over a failed plot to bomb commuter trains in the country.
A third uncle who served with the Lebanese Army died during an Israeli
airstrike on the port of Tripoli during the 2006 summer war.

“We hope that their martyrdom will be a victory against the murderous regime,” Hizb Ut-Tahrir’s Ibrahim said.


well , all i can say that this suicide attack

killed many civilans including children

not to mention the syrian soldeirs