Germany: EXCLUSIVE Leopard tanks startle German Sunday drivers

Sunday drivers on the German Autobahn were met with some unexpected road companions as they were overrun by a contingent of over 20 Leopard tanks. The Autobahn, known for attracting petrol-heads due to its libertarian speed limits, seldom sees hurtling tanks armed with Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore guns that can engage targets to a range of 6,000 metres. Fellow passengers also saw two machine guns protruding from the tank - so they may have thought twice about honking their horns or cutting up the slower than usual vehicle.

Despite their clunky armour, the Leopard tanks showed their impressive speed, hitting 68 Kilometres per hour. Also, the traction control looked highly impressive as they cornered with ease. The all purpose vehicles, built with the ability to drive through four metres of water when fitted with a snorkel and climb over vertical obstacles over a metre in height, dealt with the highly developed roads of the West as if they were a playground.

Leopard tanks are the same breed of tank that the German government has supplied to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Up to 270 modern Leopard tanks were supplied as part of a controversial deal that was approved by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.