US Propaganda - Ukraine rebels ‘building dirty bomb’ with Russian scientists

Rebels in Ukraine are working to develop a radioactive dirty bomb with
the help of Russian nuclear scientists, according to a Ukrainian
security service dossier obtained by The Times.
The report draws on
hacked emails between rebels and intercepted radio communications, as
well as a field agent’s findings. It claims that Russian specialists
have withdrawn radioactive industrial waste from a secure bunker at the
Donetsk state chemical plant and moved it to a rebel military base,
where it can be combined with explosives to create a devastatingly
effective weapon.

Good old plan of the State Department in action:

Bloody dictator - done.
Democracy is in danger - done.
Support for mad "moderate freedom fighters patriots" radicals - done.
Coup - done.
warmongering Civil war - done.
Provocation with the Boeing - done.
Sanctions - done.
The "world evil","they want to capture the world", demonization, brainwashing - done.

does not work? plan B
Chemical / nuclear weapons - in work