The Jews, Communism and Russian Revolution

Many jews were fanatically involved in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. For some thirty years, untill the creation of the Hebrew State, they made up a good part of the leading cadres of the Soviet Union. Rare are the jewish intellectuals who, today, recognize the crimes of their fellow-men in this story. And to make you forget all of this, they use a scapegoat: It will be Stalin, or even better: Adolf Hitler. The more the crime is big, the more the scapegoat is indispensable. Source: What is happening in the Middle East today, is the continuation of their messianist plan.Author is Hervé Ryssen, a nationalist militant and specialits of the ''jewish question''. He wrotes many books on the topic, and of course, he have huge problem with the ''justice''.


By: taoopaipai (77.46)

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