WikiLeaks and Internet Censorship

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The folks at are taking a big chance. They'll take any information from whistleblowers in corrupt regimes, banks, corporations, in the military, etc. There is a big clandestine, covert operation to shut them down. If the Internet is to be censored, I suggest you check out the above link while you can.

They, so far, have kept leakers 100% anonymous. Google and most governments completely hate them. I think there is a short shelf life for any revealing videos and information on WikiLeak leaks videos and posts on youtube or on google blogs. Was the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars of Occupation a complete scam? Was it about making oil and war corporation executives rich at our collective expense? Is the US Government really a puppet regime run by the CIA? Are the real leaders operating like the former Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover?

The bank failure in Iceland might be a warning to the rest of the world to what is in store. International banksters looted the banks and crashed the currency in Iceland. They pulled their money out of accounts and out of the currency 3 to 4 days for the grand slam economic crash.

Just one of the smoking gun revelations on WikiLeaks is the September 11, 2001, text messages sent to officials from officials. No matter what side you are on, regarding that event, there are too many text messages from officials to officials to deny what message comes through. You need no editorial comment.

The US torturing the world and other alarming stories are coming out. I will be surprised to see these people not censored, jailed, tortured, and/or kill. Even so, I would love to work for them. I hope I'm asked.

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